Boutique Apiary
Artisan Honey
summer honey!
... pure & natural ... local honey ...
available now!
local ... exclusive ... limited
available at The Courthouse Camperdown 
179 Manifold St ... open most days ... 9am - 3pm
bee merry
the perfect gift for the honey connoisseur,
or simply just because ... it's that good!

the buzz
Bees are the nexus between you and me, the blossoms & blooms, and the food we eat ... and of course, that sweetest of treats, pure honey! 
Buukaar Waaruung Boutique Apiary & Artisan Honey
is a niche enterprise on the magnificent volcanic plains of the Western District, Victoria, Australia.    
bee sweet
pure local honey - seasonally available
straight from the hive - sweet nectar, a dusting of pollen & a dash of wax
it's liquid gold!

bee keep
hive vibes ... discover the secrets of keeping bees with the bee geek: mentoring appointments available  
b'n'bee ... host a hive and enjoy all the benefits of bees: a blooming backyard and sweet honey!

bee green
did you know the beekeeper has a PhD in botany?
would you like to create a garden that is a haven for bees?
on-site or on-line consultations to make your garden buzz!

bee spoke
workshops and events
~ all about bees
~ bee-friendly gardens
~ honey tastings
~ flora and foliage forays
and more!
upcoming events advertised or book the beekeeper to speak!

"We learnt so much ... to see inside the homes of our bees was exciting, and to learn the colonies are happy and healthy was an absolute buzz.  Thank you so much for your time and mind"
Louise, Glenfyne VIC
"We loved your visit and learnt so much.  Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and time"
Suzan, Warrnambool, VIC
"Thanks for your professional bee rescue from our lemon tree.  We are so happy the bees are doing well"
John & Kym, Camperdown, VIC
the bunyip
once upon a time, local indigenous peoples pursued a giant bunyip across the landscape ... as it fled, it gouged the 'middle lip' between the crater lakes of Gnotuk and Bullen Merri, hence referred to as 'buukaar waaruung' ... now the place where the bees buzz !

g'day, beekeeper
+61 418 577 267

Buukaar Waaruung
Naroghid VICTORIA 3266 Australia