bee keep

at the heart of beekeeping is the hive, and understanding the needs of bees is the essence of being a better beekeeper

Whatever your level of beekeeping, whether you’re just thinking about bees, or a beginner beekeeper, or even an experienced beekeeper, there’s always skills and information to learn.

Have a look at the options and packages (subject to availability or waiting lists) and you might just find something to suit you!

‘secret life of bees’

Are you new to beekeeping and finding it challenging and confusing? Limited places for one-to-one sessions at a hive here at The Apiary (depending upon weather and apiary management schedules) for an up-close encounter with bees in a hive.

‘hive vibes’

Do you want to acquire a hive, but not sure where to start or what’s involved, and want to learn more? Book a one-to-one, or small group, session with The Beekeeper to learn more about what’s happening in your hive(s) with recommendations for seasonal management protocols, and then join the hive online with a friendly and welcoming bunch of budding beekeepers (just launched … read all about it on the blog!).

‘jeeves for bees’

Are you a busy beekeeper and need someone to manage your hive? Fear not, The Beekeeper may be able to help. For a limited number of clients, I offer a hive management service, for top-to-bottom bee services, from hive inspections, disease checks, management and honey harvest, if required. There is a waiting list at the moment, but contact The Beekeeper to enquire about upcoming availability.

b(ee) & b(ee)

This option is for friends of the bees who wish to contribute to bees’ wellbeing via a B(ee)&B(ee) subscribe-a-hive, rather than keep bees or manage a hive. Choose from a range of supporter packages, including hive naming rights, a sweet harvest of honey, and a postcard delivered regularly from ‘your’ bees as they travel far and wide to forage on local flowers.

ask about plans and packages to suit your requirements.