bees are the nexus between you and me,

the blossoms & blooms, the food we eat,

and the sweetest of treats, pure honey

Dr. Anna Carrucan
second-generation beekeeper & botanist, ecologist & conservation agriculturalist and
official ambassador of the Wheen Bee Foundation

Welcome to BUUKAAR WAARUUNG Boutique Apiary and Artisan Honey, a niche agrarian enterprise that seeks to elevate beekeeping, celebrate fine honey, and sustain ecology and pollination on the majestic volcanic plains of the Western District, Victoria, Australia.

explore a place of windswept vistas, endless horizons, volcanic craters and lakes

the natural landscape – ‘terroir’ – gives shape to the native flora and the farming crops that are sown, and even the gardens that grow.

upon these flowers of eucalyptus, clovers, crops and garden flowers, the bees forage; the blooms give a unique imprint to the honey that each hive makes from the nectar gathered on thousands of bee-flights from the hive.

discover sustainable, ethical, ethereal honey

single-origin raw honey (from one hive at a time) … limited-edition small batch harvest, it’s a taste of the local landscape; the best in the west!

catch the buzz with beekeeping expertise, garden and farm pollination consultations and ‘bee spoke’ presentations at events and conferences

stay awhile, join the hive, seek the sunshine, blossom and grow!

thank you, from the bees and me!