bee sweet

Discover the true meaning of single-origin small-batch honey

If you’ve ever tasted a special bottle of wine from a single-estate vineyard, or sampled heritage-variety organic fruits, you’ll appreciate beautiful produce and foods that reflect place, provenance and terroir (the flavour that is a reflection of the landscape and climate)

The BUUKAAR WAARUUNG bees’ honey is no exception!

With a focus on sustainable harvests, and minimal ecological impact, the hives are placed in locations that have a year-round floral availability, and also contribute to pollination of crops on farms, and in gardens.

Each hive is harvested individually, as a limited edition, to celebrate and show off the floral preferences of a single hive, and which reflects the different flora across a season that the bees forage upon to gather the nectars that become sublime honey.

The honey is seasonally available, depending upon the conditions of the harvest season, and never more is taken than the bees can spare as surplus.

The honey is raw and pure – harvested straight from individual hives, without any heat treatment, ultra-filtration or other industrial processes.

Each jar comes with a label stating the hive name, tasting notes and food pairing suggestions

sweet nectar, a dusting of pollen & a dash of beeswax – it’s liquid gold!

the bees’ best honey is to be found at local providores, fine food outlets and boutique cafes in Western Victoria.