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Did you know The Beekeeper has a PhD in botany?

The most important thing we can do to ‘save the bees’ is to plant for our pollinators.

Imagine a garden or a farm where there are flowers available for bees all year round, and plenty of places for small native bees to find homes, as well as reliable water sources for bees.

The rewards are abundant! More fruit from your fruit trees, better yields from many key crops such as canola, fava beans and lucerne, not to mention clover!

Enhanced visits from other pollinating insects such as butterflies, beetles, hoverflies and moths. A healthy environment that supports a biodiverse range of native species.

Don’t know where to start, or what you need to learn?

The Beekeeper offers on-site & on-line consultations to create a garden haven for bees!  

If you’re you a primary producer and want to enhance your cropping systems, give The Beekeeper a call to learn how you can make your farm a pollinator powerhouse! 

Contact The Beekeeper to ask about plans and packages to make your garden a haven for bees, or your farm a hive of activity!