meet the beekeeper

G’day! Thanks for buzzing in to the hive.

I’m Dr Anna Carrucan, a second-generation beekeeper, with a PhD in botany, as well as a qualified teacher and educator, and science communicator.

I’m dedicated to elevating beekeeping, celebrating pure, natural honey, and educating about the intricate interconnectedness of gardens, farms, ecology, pollination and the environment, and the importance of all bees!

I grew up in south-west Victoria, Australia, on a country property with lots of animals, and surrounded by dairy and beef farms. I spent many childhood holidays on trips to national parks and have always been interested in the natural environment, ecology and awareness of being part of a planet that we share with billions of other living creatures.

Bees were part of my life from a young age – my Dad started keeping bees as a hobby about 40 years ago, encouraged by the gift of a classic beekeeping book from my Mum. Dad’s beekeeping operation grew into a semi-commercial enterprise for some time, and continues as a hobby to this day. I became more and more fascinated by these little insects, with their ‘hive mind’ and complex societal behaviours. The more I discovered, the more I knew I had to have my own hive. After a lot of asking and pleading, finally I obtained my own hive from my Dad, and the adventures began!

In 2018, a summer fire tore through our rural property, which was followed by an unexpected career change. The idea was hatched to create something bigger than keeping hives for honey, and to build upon my knowledge of plants, flora, ecology, science, communication and education.

BUUKAAR WAARUUNG Boutique Apiary & Artisan Honey was born!

A niche enterprise that seeks to elevate the understanding and appreciation of bees and beekeeping; celebrates and values pure, raw, natural honey that’s made locally; works with gardeners and farmers to increase knowledge about pollination services and planting bee habitat on their property; and, providing specialist and relevant presentations to networks, groups, conferences and events.