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Have you ever wanted to keep honey bees? Are you a new beekeeper, and you want to learn tips and skills to become a better keeper of your bees?

Exciting times!

Anna’s Friends of The Bees

A hive mind of like-minded bee people who meet online to learn in an encouraging and supportive collective. Be part of a collective of enthusiastic and friendly beekeepers dedicated to bees.

Each fortnight we meet-up to discuss a topic of interest (such as brood inspections, pests or diseases, honey harvest, bee nutrition) and then it’s over to you, to talk about *your* bees, and what’s important to you.

Are you wondering why your bees are suddenly defensive, or is the queen laying eggs? Perhaps there’s a grub on the honeycomb, or an unusual beetle in the hive? Are there enough honey stores for winter, or is there enough forage for my bees?

You’ll be flying in no time with my Hive Buddy mentorship program.

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Anna’s Friends of The Bees

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